9-Year-Old Girl Threatens To Slash Classmate’s Throat On Video


A 9-year-old girl was caught on video brandishing a large kitchen knife and threatening to harm a classmate and is now in police custody.

According to Fox 2 Detroit, in the footage, the girl whose name was not released, states her intentions and makes slashing gestures, saying: “Here is what I am going to do with you!”

She then begins swiping at the air with the knife – and later imitating slitting a throat.

Mother Of Threatened Student: “You Can’t Play Like That”

The student who recorded the knife video in Detroit Public Schools Community District is reportedly facing the consequences. The girl, who threatened another classmate in the video, was taken into police custody after the mother of the threatened child reported the incident.

“You can’t play like that with threats,” said a mother whose daughter was threatened.


The girls attend Vernor Elementary School and are in 5th grade. The mother believes the threat may have resulted from the 9-year-old not being invited to a party, adding that the girls were friends for a short time before the video was made.

The district suspended the girl for three days, but the mother felt it is not enough. The schools have stated that making threats is a criminal act, and the girl has been taken into custody. The mother worries about her daughter’s safety and doesn’t want the girl back in school. The district shares the same concern.

“Before she sent the video, she said ‘f— my daughter,’” said the mother. “I was really disturbed by it, I was upset.”

In a statement from the schools, they say that making a threat is a criminal act – punishable by law. According to the mother of the threaten student, she worries about her daughter’s safety – she doesn’t want the girl back at school, ever – and the district reportedly agrees.

Reports have no clarified whether or not the girl will face harsher consequences.

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