Beyoncé’s Renaissance Breaks Grammy Record


Her blockbuster album Renaissance was awarded the Grammy for Best Dance/Electronic Music Album during tonight’s ceremony, marking her fourth win of the night so far and her 32nd Grammy win across her entire career.

With this win, Beyoncé officially broke the record as the artist with the most Grammy awards of all time. Yes, really.

As is to be expected, Beyoncé’s acceptance speech for this historic occasion was emotional and real.


Beyoncé Breaks the Record for Most Grammy Wins of All Time with 32! #GRAMMYs

Acceptance speech:

@DarrenMHaynes / CBS / Twitter / Via Twitter: @DarrenMHaynes

“I’m trying not to be too emotional, and I’m trying to just receive this night,” she said while taking the stage. “I want to thank God for protecting me. I’d like to thank my uncle Jonny, who’s not here, but he’s here in spirit.”

She also thanked her family before concluding, “I’d like to thank the queer community for your love and for inventing this genre.”

And that’s history right there.

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