Billy Crystal Recreates an Outfit From ‘When Harry Met Sally’


Courtesy of Billy Crystal/Twitter

An icon! Billy Crystal recreated a legendary shot from When Harry Met Sally.

The Here Today star, 75, took to Twitter on Tuesday, March 14, to re-envision a pose from the 1989 hit film. In the side-by-side pictures, he squatted down in a pair of blue jeans, a fisherman sweater and white sneakers. Crystal beamed into the camera with a soft smile, just like he did over 33 years ago when the beloved movie premiered. The second photo in the tweet was a screenshot from the movie of the actor in a comfy knit sweater, and the same pose.

The Monsters Inc. actor shared the endearing pictures on his 75th birthday and captioned the post, “Thank you all..” Fans were quick to wish Crystal a “Happy Birthday” in his comments along with loving notes.

One wrote, “Love this! You’re so wonderful! Happy Birthday and many more! Thanks for all the great movies and Tv shows.” Another added, “I love it when you get that little crinkle above your brow when you’re recreating a most memorable character from one of my favorite movies!”

A third commented, “Still looking good, kid!” More shared their own photos of them squatting in the same pose with similar outfits on.

The infamous pose came when Crystal, portraying the character Harry, unrolled a rug with costar Meg Ryan, who plays Sally, while the duo discussed their dating lives. Ryan, 61, for her part, wore a vibrant red knit sweater, black skirt, and tights at the time. Her hair was styled in voluminous waves and she rocked light makeup.

At a 2019 panel celebrating the 30th anniversary of the movie, Crystal recalled auditioning with Ryan and gushed that he and director Rob Reiner kept “stealing looks at each other” because acting with the You’ve Got Mail star felt “amazing.” The director also added that “they connected right away.”

In addition to still being able to rock a pair of jeans, Crystal also looks super stylish in suits. At the 2023 Costume Designers Guild Awards last month, he​​ came dressed to impress in a lavish ensemble. The Princess Bride actor paired a navy velvet jacket with an indigo button up, matching pants and lace-up dress shoes. His salt and pepper hair was neatly brushed back and he shaved his facial hair into a goatee.

Another fabulous fit the Analyze That actor wore came at the July 2022 Broadway Barks event. Crystal helped raise awareness for pets up for adoption and even held a puppy in his arms. The New York native dressed a bit more casually for the soirée, but still looked just as handsome. He stunted a dark blue cotton shirt, white trousers, brown fedora and cool sunglasses.

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