Cardi B Opens Up About Mourning Takeoff’s Death


The rapper got really candid about how she and her husband Offset are dealing with the death of his Migos bandmate — and it’s really heartbreaking.

In a now-deleted Twitter voice note, Cardi shared that while it may look like they are living their lives normally on social media, their hearts “have been so heavy.”

“I feel like if I talk about — the internet’s so desensitized — how we really feel, what motherfuckers really been going through, y’all would start saying, ‘Oh, sympathy,'” Cardi explained.

She continued, “And we don’t want no sympathy. We ain’t no charity case.”

Although they don’t want people’s sympathy, Cardi admits it’s been difficult to watch Offset struggle with the loss.

“But, no lie, I have been feeling so hopeless trying to make my husband happy, trying to make him crack a smile. Seeing him randomly cry. Seeing him trying to distract his mind,” Cardi said.

She added that on top of that, Offset has had to deal with constant schedule changes while trying to keep up with work, even after “everything he been going through for these past couple of weeks.”

And while they continue to mourn privately, Cardi is calling for people online to stop making jokes about the situation.

“Stop trying to make points…stop trying to be funny to get clout. It’s been a couple of weeks, and I feel like a lot of people are starting to feel a little bit comfortable trying to be funny,” Cardi said.

You can hear all that Cardi had to say below.

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