Chris Brown Apologizes For Shading Robert Glasper


Chris Brown was recently in the hot seat over on Twitter, and it’s all over him throwing some shade at musician Robert Glasper through his Instagram Story. However, it looks like Breezy’s working to make amends, as he’s apologized for his initial reaction.

Chris Talks His Talk On Instagram: ‘Who Da F**k Is This?’

The situation unfolded on Sunday—the day of the 2023 Grammys—after Robert Glasper won the Best R&B Album for Black Radio III.

Shortly after Robert’s win, Breezy shared a few now-deleted posts to his IG Story. Specifically, Chris was questioning “who the f**k” Robert Glasper is. He also appeared to shade Robert’s sound, as Breezy said that—in order for him to be able to compete with Glasper—he’s “gotta get [his] skills up” by learning how to play the harmonica.

At this point, it’s important to shed some further light on Robert Glasper’s musical contributions to emphasize the impact of Chris Brown not knowing him.

Los Angeles magazine describes Glasper as a “pioneering jazz pianist” who had an “indelible impact on the music industry” with his “genre-bending” contributions over the years. We should also add that his recent win was his fifth Grammy award, so he’s certainly no stranger to being honored for his work.

As a result, one person on Twitter announced that “R&B + Hip-Hop musicians who study their craft know [who] Glasper is.”

Twitter Goes In On Chris Brown

After Chris admitted that he’s completely unfamiliar with Robert Glasper, a plethora of Twitter users chimed in and shared their reactions to the mess.

Multiple people pointed out that, given Chris Brown’s musical output, him being unfamiliar with Glasper “makes sense.”

However, one user went against the grain and accused people of “pretending to know who Robert Glasper is by the masses” on account of their dislike for Breezy.

Nonetheless, though, many felt that Breezy, as an R&B star, should be familiar with Glasper.

Breezy Apologizes To Robert Glasper: ‘You Were Not The Intended Target’

On Monday, Chris Brown ultimately changed his tune and slid into Glasper’s DMs to offer an apology.

Breezy first congratulated Robert before apologizing “if [he] took offense” to the situation. He also clarified that Robert was “not the intended target,” though Breezy still acknowledged that he “came off really rude and mean” with his reaction.

Chris went on to praise Glasper’s work before proclaiming that they shouldn’t have been in the same category, as they create “two different vibes and genres.” He also said, “THE ORGANIZATION ISN’T DOING US BLACKS OUR DUE DILIGENCE.”

Ultimately, Breezy wished Robert well and kept it pushin’.

What do you think about Chris Brown apologizing for his comments about Robert Glasper? Additionally, do you think that Chris, as a professional artist, should have been familiar with Robert?

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