DDG Denies Cheating After Halle Bailey’s Sister Blasts His Tweet


DDG issued a disclaimer about his tweets after Halle Bailey‘s sister called him out for his online activity.

Earlier this week, the rapper tweeted “all these girls the same, ain’t no way” with a crying face emoticon. Fans also noticed he unfollowed Halle and removed photos of her from his profile. On Tuesday, Halle still had at least one mirror selfie of them together, but it has since been removed.

The breakup rumors and DDG’s tweet were enough to get Halle’s older sister, Ski Bailey, on DDG’s head. Ski warned DDG that Halle is unlike his past girlfriends and he won’t “treat her the way” he’s “treated these others.” 

Ski didn’t emphasize that point. However, in his former relationship with Rubi Rose, they exchanged heated jabs, accusations, and insults online several times. In 2020, Rubi and DDG accused each other of cheating.

Ski said:

“Like you’re not gonna do her the way that you did everybody else. You’re not gonna come to social media and try to put her on blast and insinuate or put something out that make it seem like she was doing something that she wasn’t doing. You need to pipe down and get yourself together. If y’all broke up then you need to just unfollow and keep it pushing. You don’t have to put nothing out there like that. Talkin’ about, ‘all these girls is the same.’ Are you dumb? Are you stupid?”

After her video started making its rounds, Ski doubled back and apologized following a conversation with Halle.

“My bad y’all. I spoke to sis and ain’t nothing going on lol. Let me go back to drinking my water and minding the business that pays me.”

DDG Seemingly Responds To Ski Bailey’s Warnings

Despite Ski’s apology and clarification, the breakup rumors continued to bubble online. DDG addressed the talks on Wednesday (Feb. 9) on Twitter, but didn’t specify if there was a breakup.

“Nobody cheated on nobody btw. Don’t take my tweets too serious.”

He also responded to a Twitter user who asked if he “wanted retweets like a quote page.” 

“My life goal is to hit 2 million followers on Twitter,” DDG replied with a praying hands emoticon.

DDG shared the same clarification tweet to his Instagram Story but with an additional message.

“Let’s try to focus on our own relationships & not other people’s this year, shall we?”

Meanwhile, Halle Bailey has been silent on the split rumors, her sister’s online warning and apology, and DDG’s tweets. However, as mentioned, she quietly unfollowed DDG on Instagram and removed photos of them together.

The pair were first linked in January 2022 but became IG official in March.

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