Diplo Responds To Beyoncé’s Grammy Win


Diplo swears he’s not upset about Beyoncé winning Best Dance/Electronic Music Album at the 2023 Grammys.

Some viewers thought he appeared to say, “She bought that” in apparent anger when Beyoncé’s Renaissance album was announced as the winner over his self-titled LP. But Diplo says those weren’t his feelings at all.

CBS / Via Twitter: @HAUSSUXX

Reposting the clip of his reaction, the “Revolution” artist revealed that he’d actually said, “I’m glad to be part of this” — not “She bought that.”

“Beyoncé[‘s] album was legendary,” he wrote on Instagram, adding that he is a “stan” and had even worked with her on several occasions before. “[W]hat’s important to understand was that her intention was 100%. She did the work, found the real producers, and she made classics .. so she deserves her flowers.”

He concluded, “[A]nd when she won, I was just proud to see my nomination on the screen … but the best part was my friends and the other artists in the genre still out raving until sunrise somewhere in LA : that’s what the music is really about 😎.”

You can see Diplo’s full post here:

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