Easy Spider Halloween Window Clings Craft for Kids


These spider gel clings are the cutest, spookiest and easiest Halloween craft for kids of all ages. With 10 minutes and a few bottles of paint, you will have some fun window cling decorations for your Halloween decor.

Homemade Spider Clings for Your Windows

Kids can make their own self stick- gel cling spiders to be displayed in the window no matter what October weather brings our way.

These spiders are super easy to make and can be stuck to mirrors or windows or even a glass vase to add a little spook to your decor!

Best of all, a fleet of gel cling spiders will cost you less than $2.00! It’s crafty and cheap!

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Supplies Needed

Below you will find the directions- it’s SO easy! As well as a video showing how easy it is to pipe the spiders out!

easy home made window cling made out of puff paint in the shape of a spider and web - steps to make spider window cling
Simple steps to creating your own spider gel cling to hang in the window.

Directions for Making Spider Halloween Window Clings

Step 1

Using the white puffy paint, draw directly onto the non-stick surface to create the spider web and long string that the spider will hang from.

To create the spider web:

The easiest way to start is to outline a corner with lines on the outside meeting in the corner and then drawing several longer lines into the corner. Then make curving lines that connect the long lines.

Step 2

Check out this video on how I made gel spiders:

Halloween Craft Idea: Make your own gel spiders! from Shannon S. on Vimeo.

To Create the Spider

To create medium spiders, squeeze about a quarter size puddle of black onto pad, keeping the tip of the bottle on the paint puddle as you squeeze. Make the puddle as large as desired. Add legs attached to puddle. 

Step 3

Let the spider and web dry fully before adding the spider detail. For a black widow spider like ours, draw a red hourglass shape on the body.

Make white eye balls and after they dry go back with the black paint. Googly eyes can also be substituted for paint.

Step 4

Once everything has dried, gently peel spiders from nonstick surface and place on glass, vase or mirror. They will pull off easily so you can re-position when needed. If you want to save them for next year, you can store on wax paper or plastic wrap.

My Experience with Making Halloween Window Clings

It was so easy to make this spider window cling! I made mine extra fancy, but you can make yours much simpler, if you want to. Just remember! The more complicated, the harder it is to keep in one piece.


How did your spider Halloween window clings turn out?

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