Fans Spit At GloRilla Who Left Club Despite Being Paid To Perform


GloRilla has responded after being splashed with water by an irate fan and accused of not performing at a night club, despite reportedly having been paid $30,000 to do so.

The 23-year-old was at New Karibbean City nightclub Wednesday night and had reportedly been paid $30,000 to perform. Now, the promoter wants his money back to boot.

Angry Club Patron Throws Bottle At GloRilla For Not Performing As She Was Reportedly Paid $30K To Do

The situation came to a head as the “FNF” rapper quickly exited her Oakland afterparty without performing.

Video clips from the chaotic scene show Glo and her team making their way to the door as an unknown liquid lands right on Glo’s jacket, angering her and her friends.

One clubgoer could be heard yelling out, “F*** you, b****!!” as she spat at Glo, before someone on the artist’s team splashes some water from her glass to return the favor.

GloRilla has since responded, saying “ain’t no h** spit on s***. Ask dat h** how her faces feels though.”

“No way you think I’m performing when you paid for a hosting crazy tail self,” she tweeted. “I’m so mad dat I can get sued for slapping you h*** !! but you h*** still can get slapped b****.”

Glo’s CMG boss Yo Gotti Calls Cap On Promoter’s Claim That GloRilla Was Paid $30K To Perform

Meanwhile, promoter Con B of Insomnia Entertainment isn’t taking responsibility for fans turning on Glo, but told TMZ Hip Hop he paid an executive at Glo’s label CMG $30K to hear the Grammy-nominated star perform, and is now expecting a full refund.

However, sources close to the situation told the outlet that Glo never signed a contract to perform for $30,000, which Glo’s CMG boss Yo Gotti backed up her claim after catching wind of the incident on Instagram.

TMZ reports that only a few rowdy fans were involved and not the entire club as has been previously suggested on social media.

Glo is currently on tour and had hit the Oakland nightclub after performing in nearby San Francisco earlier that evening.

Con B doubled down on his accusations and demanded his $30,000 back, however it remains to be seen if he will ever receive the money.

Fans Claim Many Promoters Only Pay For Appearances And Not For Performances

Fans on social media shed a little more light on the issue, with several noting that promoters often pay artists for appearances but not necessarily performances.

“This happens all the time, promoters pay these artists for appearances/walk-throughs. They waxed the people at the door and now they mad because the artist didn’t perform. Whole time they probably wasn’t supposed to,” one person tweeted.

Another wrote “the promoter probably paid for a walk thru and they thought she was gonna perform. On some real shot she should’ve just grabbed the mic & said something.”

What do you think, Roomies? Is there more to the story behind this video? Or were the fans and promoter just wilin’ out?

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