Free Print & Color Thanksgiving Coloring Placemats for Kids


For years here at Kids Activities Blog we have released a new Thanksgiving printable placemat that kids could color and use at Thanksgiving dinner. This printable placemat activity page features a fork maze, a thankful list and the cutest Thanksgiving fox around.

Thanksgiving PlaceMat Coloring & Activity Pages

Kids of all ages will have fun with this Thanksgiving placemat coloring page that comes with matching place cards, napkin rings and a Thanksgiving recipe card. Look below for BIG list of more printable Thanksgiving placemats for kids that will up your kids table game {giggle}.

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With this Thanksgiving pdf file download you’ll get a whole set of awesome things! Not only will you get fun Thanksgiving activities to do, but you’ll get the things you need to set up your table for Thanksgiving…

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free printable Thanksgiving placemat for kids - Thanksgiving coloring page and Thanksgiving activity sheet - Kids Activities Blog pdf shown
Let’s print our own Thanksgiving placemat!

1. Printable Thanksgiving Placemat

This free printable Thanksgiving placemat features a colored border of brown woodgrain as a frame around the coloring page and activity sheet. The word “Thanksgiving” is spelled out across the top with big bubble letters. There is a place setting shown with a fork, knife and spoon on either side of a dinner plate.

The fork doubles as a simple Thanksgiving line maze. Inside the plate kids are prompted to write four things under “I am thankful for:” and the cutest Thanksgiving fox will keep you company during Thanksgiving dinner!

pdf sheet of printable Thanksgiving fox napkin rings that can be cut out and pasted together - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make matching Thanksgiving napkin rings!

2. Print, Cut & Paste Your Own Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

I love this printable Thanksgiving craft that is Thanksgiving dinner table worthy.

  1. Start by printing out the page of 4 napkin ring templates that feature our Thanksgiving fox in the middle.
  2. Cut along the outside lines of the woodgrain and fox feature image.
  3. Using a little glue or clear tape, secure the ends making a complete circle.
  4. Insert napkin and lay use on table.
pdf file printed of 4 Thanksgiving fox place cards for dinner table - Kids Activities blog
Let’s make our own Thanksgiving dinner place cards!

3. Print, Cut & Personalize Your Own Thanksgiving Name Cards

  1. Print the Thanksgiving name card pdf file.
  2. Cut out the name card – there are 4 on each sheet.
  3. Using a marker or paint pen, add the names of your friends and family that are guests at Thanksgiving dinner.
  4. Fold the card in half so it will stand up on its own like a tent with the fox and name showing on the front.
  5. Place one at each place setting at the table.
free printable Thanksgiving journal page labeled My favorite Thanksgiving recipe - Kids Activities Blog lined pdf shown
Let’s make our own Thanksgiving journal page!

4. Print and Play with the Thanksgiving Recipe Journal Page

This printable Thanksgiving journal page is the perfect place to write down what you had for dinner, what people talked about around the table or to record a favorite Thanksgiving recipe. Print off multiple pages and create a little Thanksgiving journal.

Download & Print Thanksgiving Placemat & Accessory pdf File Here

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Happy Thanksgiving! How are you using the Thanksgiving coloring placemats, napkin rings and name cards for your dinner table?

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