Free Printable Thanksgiving Word Search for Kids


Today we have a printable Thanksgiving word search puzzle for kids of all ages. Older kids can do this Thanksgiving word hunt independently, younger kids can join with an adult or sibling to find all the Thanksgiving word list in the free printable puzzle. Let’s play Thanksgiving word games together!

Let’s do Thanksgiving word searches together!

Holidays, like Thanksgiving, are all about family and getting together to play games like this Thanksgiving word search. Here’s a great vocabulary building game to occupy your child while you prepare Thanksgiving dinner.

You could also get together as a family to go on this Thanksgiving Word Hunt as a team! Click the orange button to download:

Free Thanksgiving Word Search Puzzle

I love a good word hunt, don’t you? Looking for words, backwards, forwards, up, and down, is much more exciting than simply memorizing endless vocabulary lists.

This word hunt contains 17 Thanksgiving-themed words for your child to find. E

Find Thanksgiving Words

What is also cool about this Thanksgiving word search is that it also has words from the past. This is a great way to kind of talk about Thanksgiving history and who the pilgrims were and about the Mayflower.

Thanksgiving Vocabulary Building Activity - pdf version of the Thanksgiving word search for kids
Let’s find Thanksgiving words inside the word search puzzle.

Download & Print the Thanksgiving Word Search pdf File Here

Extend This Thanksgiving Word Search Activity

  • Use this vocabulary list – and add a few more – to play your own personalized Thanksgiving-themed version of Charades.
  • Ask everyone in your family to think of or write down a list of things they think of when they hear the word Thanksgiving and see how many of the words each person comes up with matches up with another person’s list of words.
  • Divide into individual or group teams and think of 3 other words to build out the vocabulary list in the categories “Food,” “Mayflower,” or “Gratitude”.
  • Have each person try using two words from the list in a sentence.  If the player is successful, have her try using three words. See who can use the most words in one sentence.

Related: This activity would also pair well with our Mayflower craft.

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How did you use the Thanksgiving word search? Did you play any of the other Thanksgiving word games?

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