Janelle Monáe Responds To Jokes About Her Style Switch-Up


Janelle Monáe came through with a message for the people who were making lil jokey-jokes about her past fashions!

Twitter Says Janelle Monáe Used To Dress ‘Like The Monopoly Man’

The matter all began on Twitter after one user observed that Janelle’s style has shifted in recent years. As a result, the person announced, “Janelle Monáe finally showing off how fine she is instead of dressing like the monopoly man.”

This was a clear reference to Janelle’s so-called “suit and tie era,” as she’s known to have often rocked a tux in the earlier days of her career. It also opened up a discussion on social media, which you can peep in our post down below.

Janelle Responds On Twitter: ‘No New Music Just For This’

As the tweet began to pick up steam and circulate, it eventually found its way to the Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery actress.

Janelle proceeded to quote tweet the “monopoly man” statement and add in her own two cents. She chastised everyone who liked the tweet and proclaimed, “No new music just for this.”

Janelle Monáe Steps Into The Shade Room With A Message: I Shall Continue To Evolve’

In addition to Janelle poppin’ off on Twitter, she also dropped by The Shade Room‘s comment section to leave a now-deleted message for her critics.

Specifically, she shared that—even in a suit and tie—she was stealing other people’s men, and her style left its mark.

“I literally took so many of y’all n***as just wearing 1 black and white suit for over a decade. Can’t no artist even wear black and white without being compared to me. I did that.”

Janelle continued, noting that she’s going to be a trendsetting icon in ANY clothing style she embraces.

“I shall continue to evolve + remain an iconic trendsetting Freeazzmuthaf**a naked, tittles out, in haute couture, in a suit, or in a Halloween costume.”

Finally, she powerfully ended her now-deleted comment by saying, “Get off my areolas!”

Janelle Monáe’s comment on @theshaderoom

What do you think about Janelle Monáe’s response to the online chatter about her style?

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