Jeremy Pope Auditioned For Jamal Lyon In Empire


We all know Jussie Smollett played the role of Jamal Lyon in Empire.

Well, Tony and Emmy nominee Jeremy Pope recently revealed that he also tested for the part.

“Jamal Lyons. Yeah, I tested with Lee Daniels. I really thought I was about to get that job,” he told BuzzFeed in an exclusive interview.

“I was thinking, ‘I’m about to sing, I’ll be the middle son…‘ and I didn’t get it. That was a hard one. That was a hard ‘no’ to hear and Lee knows it was a hard no,” he said.

Fortunately, everything worked out just fine for the 30-year-old actor, who went on to star in critically-acclaimed projects like Pose, Hollywood, and Ain’t Too Proud on Broadway.

While reflecting on his past and current projects, Jeremy stated, “I hope that through my work, and through being in projects like Hollywood, Pose, and now The Inspection, this can be tangible for others out there.”

“I think about what it would have meant if I had a show like Hollywood or Pose when I was younger to watch and see, ‘Oh, I can be an openly queer actor. There are roles for me that are not just about playing the gay best friend or the gay character that doesn’t get to explore their troubles and their conflict,'” he added.

“I just really love it when I can be a part of stories that make proper space for me, and for us,” he concluded.

Be sure to catch Jeremy in The Inspection, which is already getting rave reviews and Oscar buzz. You can read our full interview with Jeremy here.

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