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Are you looking for a way to help your kids learn and play more this year? Join our Hands-On Play Club! It is an online resource for parents!

I have created the Hands-On Play Club, an online parent resource, to help parents connect, learn, and encourage their kids to play and create more!

Gain confidence as a parent as you learn new things, connect with your child, and try exciting hands-on activities with your kids!


The Hands-Play Club is a membership group to support busy parents who….

  • Need a few quick activity ideas each week.
  • Want some accountability as they teach their kids at home.
  • Want help and resources from an experienced teacher.
  • Are excited to become better parents and want to learn from parenting experts and educators!

I’m so excited to open our Hands-On Play Club membership this week!

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Who is the Hands-On Play Club for?

Parents of young kids ages 2-6! Many of the activities and ideas we’ll be sharing will also work for kindergarten and first grade parents!

Your Hands-On Play Club Membership includes exclusive access to a private membership site with the following opportunities:

  • Story time (four each month)
  • Activity ideas for kids (printable plans posted monthly).
  • Virtual Classes available to watch anytime! (four each month)
  • Ongoing support all year from a National Board Certified teacher.

What sort of activities will be shared in the Hands-On Play Club?

There will be twelve areas of focus that we will concentrate on this year through activities and virtual classes. These activities are based on various preschool and prekindergarten curriculum standards.

  • Free play (how to help your kids do more of it!)
  • Social activities (working on listening, turn taking, talking)
  • Language activities (build vocabulary and speaking skills through songs and rhymes)
  • Story time/snacks
  • Sensory activities
  • Fine motor activities
  • Name activities (fun ways to help kids learn their names)
  • ABC activities (lots of literacy ideas!)
  • Math activities (playing, creating, and being hands-on with math concepts)
  • Science activities (through simple science investigations and experiments)
  • Art activities (we’ll exploring materials and different styles of art)
  • Physical fitness activities (we’ll get moving!
12 preschool curriculum areas of focus

Need some consistency in your life? Our Hands-On Play Club has a plan for you!


woman reading a book with four kids listening on the couch

What to expect once you sign up:

  1. You’ll get a receipt and an email that asks you to confirm your subscription.
  2. Next you’ll get an email with membership group password and login information.
  3. Read the instructions in the email and log in.
  4. You’ll also be invited to join our private Hands-On Play Club Instagram account.

Have any questions? Just send me an email to [email protected]

What’s different about this Membership group?

This group is NOT set up to be a fast-paced group with lots of posting of parenting questions and advice. This group is intentionally created to be a place focused on learning and connecting- but in an organized way!

The goal of this Membership group is for you to come, access the content and use the resources provided, and then get off the computer and get hands-on with your kids!

We will also share additional resources and parenting tools in our private Instagram group!

What happens during virtual classes?

We’ll do all sorts of things! Each time will be different.

  • Movement activities
  • Read stories together
  • Dancing/singing
  • Playing games
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Simple art, cooking, or science activity (I’ll tell you the materials to have in advance)
  • And more!

This is the year to be creative and try new things! That’s what I will be doing and I’m excited to have you along for the ride with me.

mom and three kids with a plastic tub of kinetic sand

Do you have more questions about our online parent community? Ask us in the comments!

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