Jonah Hill and Lauren London’s Kiss Was CGI


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A missed kiss? You People star Andrew Schulz claimed that lead actors Jonah Hill and Lauren London did not actually lock lips in the Netflix movie.

“There’s a hilarious thing — I don’t even know if I should share this s–t — but the final scene, they don’t even kiss,” Schulz, 39, said during the Thursday, February 2, episode of the “Brilliant Idiots” podcast. “It’s CGI. Swear to God.”

He told cohost Charlamagne The God and guest DJ Nyla Symone: “I’m there and I’m watching the wedding and I see them go in for the kiss and their faces stop, like, this far. And I’m like, ‘I wonder how they’re gonna play that in the movie. Oh, they’re probably just gonna cut right there.’”

Schulz was surprised to watch You People, which debuted January 20 on Netflix, and see that there is a smooch in the scene. “But [in] the movie you could see their faces come close and then you can see their faces morph a little bit into a fake kiss,” he claimed.

It’s worth noting that You People filmed in late 2021 amid the spread of the delta and omicron variants during the coronavirus pandemic.

You People stars Hill and London as Ezra and Amira, respectively, a newly engaged couple who are total opposites. They have an attraction — despite their differences — but trouble comes when they must deal with their families clashing. Ezra’s white Jewish parents (David Duchovny and Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and Amira’s Black Muslim parents (Nia Long and Eddie Murphy) have very different views, cultures and expectations, and the tension among them could ruin their children’s relationship.

London, 38, wasn’t sure at first that this was the right project for her. “Before doing the movie, I was just apprehensive [if] this a story I want to contribute to. I just wanted to make sure that is a story that I wanted to contribute to,” she told Entertainment Tonight last month.

“I [also] asked [director Kenya Barris], ‘OK, well, why her and him?’ Because she was written, like, hella stylish and he was, like, this … very low-key [guy],” the actress explained. “So, to me, it had to be about their soul connection and not what we saw appearance-wise or [why] we would assume these two people would date. It was about them meeting, connecting and having a soul connection.”

You People is streaming on Netflix now.

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