Lizzo Claps Back At Fan Who Asks What If Someone Wears A “Fat Suit” After She Dresses As Chrisean Rock


For Halloween, Lizzo chose to dress up as Chrisean Rock, and she didn’t leave off any details.

Posting a video in a white t-shirt and cut-off shorts with sneakers, Lizzo made sure to create the illusion of a missing tooth and even a tattoo of seemingly a man on her neck.

In response to the costume, someone mentioned what if Rock decided to wear a fat suit. Lizzo replied and stated you can dress up as someone without being offensive.

I didn’t put on a “skinny suit”– u can dress up as someone w/out being offensive–rock lit I’m lit it’s all love. Dn’t make it weird.

Shortly after, Chrisean responded and said:

Awww I love dis

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