Love Is Blind Season 3 Behind-The-Scenes Facts, Interviews


“I have been waiting to address that,” Raven said. “I consider myself a Black woman. So it’s hurtful to me. Also, I ended up with an African man. So I’m just confused why they’re talking about race as if we don’t have diversity on the show.

“I love that that’s a discussion topic, but to me actually being there, I would like to offer that this demographic of women weren’t able to make successful connections not because of the color of their skin or production, but maybe because of the men that were on the other side of the wall. I’m not throwing anyone under the bus, but we have to build connections through a wall. And if you can’t do that, because people on the other side aren’t looking for what you have to offer, then you aren’t a part of the story. I hate that. That’s the way the cookie crumbled and I would like to talk about it more. 

“It’s not that anyone’s being edited out, there were no other couples that came off of the show — besides the ones that you guys saw. I was genuinely surprised —this was one of the most diverse casts I’ve ever seen, there were so many other Black women, and it was so fun to have this experience with them. But unfortunately, there weren’t a lot of men cast on the other side that weren’t looking for that. There’s receipts of some of these guys specifically saying that that isn’t something that they’re looking for. So, to me, that’s what we should be talking about.”

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