Lyfe Jennings Robbed Of $120K In Jewelry


While visiting the Bay Area, Lyfe Jennings was robbed of $120K worth of jewelry, as well as some other important items. However, the R&B singer is just grateful to have come out of the experience unscathed, as he knows that it could’ve been much worse.

Lyfe Opened Up About The Experience On Instagram: ‘Somebody Can Learn Something From It’

Jennings recently addressed the matter on social media. While he acknowledged that many people would keep the experience to themselves, he believes that it’s “meant to be spoke on so somebody can learn something.”

“Most guys in my position wouldn’t even speak on it, but Imma speak on it because I’m of the mind frame now that a lot of things that happen in your life is meant to be spoke on so somebody can learn something from it.”

He proceeded to recount the experience, noting that it went down shortly after he wrapped up one of his sold-out shows in Oakland, California.

“I’m in Oakland today, four sold-out shows and I come off stage not even five minutes ago…Pulled up to a spot, went inside, saw some cats. [They] blew up and basically bust the windows out the things and, like, snatched my lil book bag. It’s like $120K worth of jewelry in there and my computer, my ID, passport, credit cards, all that s**t.”

Lyfe Jennings Is Grateful To Still Be Alive & Well: ‘Coulda Went All The Way Left’

While Lyfe was certainly “upset by the s**t,” he was grateful to be “present” and breathing, as it “coulda went all the way left.” He also appeared to reference the killing of PnB Rock, who was gunned down back in September in Los Angeles.

“That s**t coulda went all the way left. I was somewhere I shouldn’t even have been. That s**t coulda went all the way left, like, I could’ve had that s**t on me, and them n***as coulda came in like the one homie and took it, or tried to, anyway.”

He also strangely shared that, while he was robbed, the thought of the thieves getting excited about coming up on $120K in jewelry made him “a little happy.”

“When I thought about them grabbing my little jewelry case and opening that s**t up…I kinda got kinda happy because I like to see lil n***as excited. I know that’s weird.”

Ultimately, Lyfe noted that he’s simply trying to grow and is enjoying being “in a great position in [his] life.” However, while people have to acknowledge and respect their own growth, they also “gotta respect the position that other cats is in.”

“I’m definitely just trying to grow, man. I’m in a great position in my life, and you just gotta respect the position that you in. And you gotta respect the position that other cats is in.”

Within his Instagram caption, Lyfe wrote, “$120,0000 gone!! Smh could put 100 on a head but what would that solve.” Talk about taking the high road and embracing maturity!

You can watch the video down below.

Shoutout to Lyfe Jennings for being transparent with his fans, and we’re glad to hear that he’s safe and sound.

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