Pete Davidson Eats Jon Hamm, Brie Larson In Super Bowl Ad


A celeb sandwich. Pete Davidson makes a delicious meal with Jon Hamm and Brie Larson in Hellman’s new commercial, set to air during Super Bowl LVII.

The game day ad starts with Hamm and Larson in a refrigerator with a giant jar of mayonnaise. “Brie, any idea why we are in a fridge?” the Mad Men alum, 51, asks.

Jon Hamm and Brie Larson
Courtesy of Hellmann’s

“Well, I’m Brie,” the Oscar winner, 33, notes. “And you’re …”

Hamm says his first name before he realizes their connection. “Brie and Hamm!” he says. “Hamm and Brie — I get it. And Hellman’s!”

Larson explains, “We’re dinner.”

Hamm adds, “With Hellman’s, all these leftovers can be anything.”

Suddenly, the fridge door opens, revealing the hungry Saturday Night Live alum. “Is that Pete Davidson?” Hamm asks. “He really is everywhere.”

Pete Davidson Eats a Jon Hamm and Brie Larson Sandwich In Hellmann's Super Bowl Commercial

Pete Davidson
Courtesy of Hellmann’s

“I’m gonna eat you guys,” the Staten Island native, 29, declares.

Luckily, Davidson uses actual meat, cheese and Hellman’s mayo to create a mouthwatering ham and brie panini. “You guys are really delicious,” he tells them.

“That’s … that’s weird,” Hamm declares.

Davidson announces: “Hellmann’s brings leftovers to life.”

The Unilever brand’s campaign tagline — “Make taste, not waste” — is shown with Hellman’s driving awareness around food waste at home.

It’s the brand’s third Super Bowl spot highlighting the issue, and it’s Davidson’s second year being part of Hellman’s game day commercials. He was tackled by Jerrod Mayo in the 2022 promos.

“Being a part of last year’s ad with Hellmann’s really opened my eyes about the issue of food waste,” Davidson said in a Tuesday, February 6, press release. “When they asked me to open up my fridge this year and get more people to think about bringing leftovers to life, I thought it was pretty cool.”

Hamm said he was delighted to join Hellman’s and Davidson. “Filming this spot alongside Brie Larson, Pete Davidson and a giant jar of Hellmann’s was a real honor for me,” the Missouri native said in a statement. “I didn’t really think about how much food waste happens at home when you don’t pay attention to what’s in your fridge until filming this commercial. Pete may have found me delicious, but I find myself inspired to bring my leftovers to life and make a difference when it comes to reducing food waste.”

Pete Davidson Eats a Jon Hamm and Brie Larson Sandwich In Hellmann's Super Bowl Commercial

Jon Hamm
Courtesy of Hellmann’s

Larson, meanwhile, quipped that she was thrilled to encourage people to stop throwing away their delicious soft cheeses. “When Hellmann’s came to me about incorporating my namesake ingredient into their Big Game commercial, I was thrilled,” the Captain Marvel star said in a statement. “It happens to be a delicious, versatile addition to many dishes – just like Hellmann’s mayo! – so I hope our commercial inspires viewers to keep that in mind the next time they think about tossing brie out.”

Pete Davidson Eats a Jon Hamm and Brie Larson Sandwich In Hellmann's Super Bowl Commercial

Brie Larson
Courtesy of Hellmann’s

Watch the 30-second spot above before it airs during Super Bowl LVII, which airs live on Fox Sunday, February 12.

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