Quentin Tarantino Says Marvel Actors Aren’t Movie Stars


The longtime actor and director just shared his “axe to grind” against Marvel flicks — and it turns out he’s not a really big fan.

“I don’t love them. No, I don’t — I don’t hate them. But I don’t love them,” Quentin said during an appearance on the 2 Bears, 1 Cave podcast.

While he admits he probably would be “fucking happy and totally love them” in his 20s, nowadays, he’s “not quite as excited” about them.

“My only axe to grind against them is they’re the only things that seem to be made,” he explained.

Quentin continued, “And they’re the only things that seem to generate any kind of excitement amongst a fanbase or even for the studio making them. That’s what they’re excited about.”

He noted that his main issues is that Marvel flicks seem to be the “entire representation of this era of movies” and that there’s simply “not really much room for anything else.”

On top of that, Quentin says he believes Marvel movies are the reason that there aren’t any movie stars anymore because most people are going to the theater to see a superhero, not an actor.

“Part of the Marvel-ization of Hollywood is you have all these actors who have become famous playing these characters,” Quentin said. “But they’re not movie stars. Right? Captain America is the star. Or, Thor is the star.”

While he says he’s not trying to rag on the films, Quentin admits that it’s the “franchise characters that become a star,” not the actors.

“But that is…the legacy of the Marvel-ization of Hollywood movies,” Quentin concluded.

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