Ribbon Height Keepsake Ornament Idea


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Make an adorable Christmas keepsake with your little ones this year! It’s so easy to do and will bring you to tears in a few years pulling it out to see how tall they were!

You really only need to get some red or green ribbon and clear ornament bulbs that open at the top.

Thanks to Sharon for coming up with this cute 2022 quote!

This idea is perfect for classrooms or daycares to do all their kiddos for a gift to their parents!

To print the tags off just click on the photo above and choose Print. Make sure the orientation is set to portrait instead of landscape.

Ribbon Height Keepsake Ornament


  • Scissors Fancy + regular

  • Clear ornament

  • Ribbon

  • Printer/Paper

  • Paper punch


  • Measure your child with the ribbon and cut it. Put it inside the clear ornament.

  • Print off the quote or write it yourself on a piece of paper.

  • Cut around it and punch a hole in the top corner. String the ribbon through and hang on the tree!


Cardstock paper would be more sturdy or you could laminate it to really preserve it!

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