Summer Walker’s Ex Lvrd Pharoh Wants A “Homies Only” Shower


Lvrd Pharoh is putting a spin on the traditional baby shower! The artist is seemingly nearing the birth of his first biological child with Summer Walker. And he’s ready to celebrate this milestone with a ‘Dads And Diapers’ baby shower.

“I wanna do a baby shower with the homies only,” Pharoh wrote on Instagram Story on Thursday (Nov. 10). “Let’s show out and we show these women we can support our friends/brothers/fathers. Who wanna come to the LVRDSHOWER!!”

That same day, Lvrd Pharoh, also known as Larry, shared a photo from him and Summer’s maternity shoot. In the picture, he wore a black turtleneck and slacks while standing next to Summer and staring at the round pregnant belly in her hands. He wrote, “it’s understood” in the caption.

Larry And Summer Split With “No Hard Feelings”

On November 6, Summer revealed that Larry is a single man. However, in a lengthy Instagram post, the R&B singer admitted that there are “no hard feelings” despite the end of their relationship. She also praised Larry for his father-figure role with Bubbles, her daughter with London On Track.

“Larry is an amazing father. There’s just certain things I won’t tolerate, but we’re super duper happy to have all our children & we just living life,” Summer wrote. “He be at every swim class every photoshoot, every [doctor] appointment and every baby event & no I ain’t removing my face tatt I still have hella love for him.”

Soon after Summer spilled about the breakup, Larry posted a message about the internet’s influence on happiness. He wrote, “don’t let the internet determine your happiness, don’t go to the internet for validation this is an app made for entertainment.”

Larry also echoed some of Summer’s compliments.

“Work, take care of ya kids, travel this world and live life,” Larry wrote. “Don’t let anything u can’t control determine your actions or happiness.”

Hours later, Walker posted a video of them having a kiki moment over an alleged $200,000 sexual offer to Larry.

Larry Drops A Shower Date, But Is He Serious? 

After proposing the baby shower, Larry continued to gas the idea by giving the alleged event a date and nickname. He listed November 19, a Tuesday, as the date for his ‘Dads and Diapers’ shower.

It’s also unclear if they’ve already hosted a joint shower, but Summer caused a lil’ bit of buzz after she posted photos using a labor sling. But she took to the comment section to clear the air.

“I took a pic in a sling that’s all,” Summer wrote. “Side note, preggo ladies should order this off Amazon, takes all the pressure off your back, I been uncomfortable as hell till this got built.”

No word yet on when Summer is due, but she first revealed her pregnancy in June, and her bump has been BUMPing in some of her latest uploads!

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