Sydney Sweeney Slams Backlash Over Family’s MAGA-Inspired Hats


Dealing with the drama. Sydney Sweeney is weighing in after she received political backlash over mom Lisa Mudd Sweeney’s controversial birthday party.

“Honestly I feel like nothing I say can help the conversation,” the Euphoria star, 25, told British GQ in an interview published on Friday, November 11. “It’s been turning into a wildfire and nothing I can say will take it back to the correct track.”

Sydney organized a surprise, Western-themed hoedown in August to celebrate her mother’s milestone 60th birthday. The Handmaid’s Tale alum and her loved ones shared several snaps via Instagram from the bash, where guests were spotted wearing red caps with the phrase “Make America 60 Again” on the front. The custom hats were seemingly inspired by former President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan and accompanying merch. Social media users quickly criticized the actress for attending a party that seemingly promoted extremist political views.

Sydney Sweeney
Courtesy of Sydney Sweeney/Instagram

Sydney — who hails from Washington, a state that voted in favor of the 76-year-old Celebrity Apprentice alum in the 2020 presidential election — dismissed the backlash at the time.

“You guys this is wild. An innocent celebration for my mom’s milestone 60th birthday has turned into an absurd political statement, which was not the intention,” the White Lotus alum wrote via Twitter on August 27. “Please stop making assumptions. Much love to everyone ♥️ and Happy Birthday Mom!”

Sydney has not publicly disclosed her political beliefs or whether they align with her family’s, but she revealed to GQ that her relatives often struggle to comprehend her perspective.

“When I go home my family doesn’t understand me or the world I’m in anymore,” the Night Teeth actress told the U.K. outlet. “But then in this industry, my home and the place that grounds me is so vastly different to how people live there. I’m in this in-between place where I feel like neither side understands me.”

While Sydney’s parents — mom Lisa and dad Scott Sweeney — and her extended brood may not understand her career in the spotlight, they are still her biggest cheerleaders.

Sydney Sweeney Slams Absurd Backlash Over Family MAGA Hats at Party 2

Sydney Sweeney
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“I wouldn’t have been able to pursue my dreams without [my mom] supporting that decision,” the Emmy Award nominee previously told the Los Angeles Times in August. “I was 12, 13 years old and my mom and dad gave up everything that they knew for me to be able to pursue my dreams. We lost friends, we lost our house, we lost everything in pursuit of it.”

She continued: “I had no connections. I did not come from money. And when you’re 16 and you don’t really like yourself, and you’re trying to figure out what the hell is going on in your body and your makeup and your hormones, and people are telling you that you’re not good enough — that weight is so heavy. But I had parents who, no matter what, believed in me.”

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