‘The Outlaws’ Indie Big Talk Developing Drug Submarine Thriller – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: The Outlaws producer Big Talk Studios is developing its first TV thriller, a high-stakes series about a drug-smuggling submarine.

Big Talk boss Kenton Allen described Vulture as a cross between Below Deck and Narcos.

Penned by BAFTA-nominated Cyberbully writer David Lobatto, the series, which is being developed in association with ITV Studios, follows the crew on-board a ‘narco-sub’ on its way to deliver a $200 million payload of base cocaine to the Albanian mob. After a perilous journey across the Atlantic, the sub is ambushed by a rival cartel. Following a narrow escape with their cargo intact, but with a severely damaged submarine, the crew find themselves marooned in the middle of the Adriatic Sea.

Allen, who is EPing alongside Luke Alkin, called Vulture a “highly dynamic, action-packed series that we know will cut through in this very crowded market and thrill audiences around the world with this ultimate culture-clash high stakes drama.” The series is yet to land a network and casting will be announced in due course.

Lobatto wrote BAFTA-nominated Channel 4 drama Cyberbully and has written scripts for Michael Mann, George Clooney and Grant Heslov’s Smokehouse Pictures, and Colin Callender’s Playground.

Big Talk is in production on a third season of Stephen Merchant’s BBC/Amazon Prime Video series The Outlaws, a Noel Fielding-starring Apple TV+ comedy about Dick Turpin and the BBC’s Ludwig with David Mitchell. The outfit recently rebranded from Big Talk Productions and MD Matthew Justice exited to Sony after 16 years.

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