The White Lotus Stars Aubrey Plaza And Will Sharpe Talk Season 1


The White Lotus stars Aubrey Plaza and Will Sharpe, who play Harper and Ethan Spiller, respectively, revealed who their characters would hang out with from Season 1.

We have already seen Jennifer Coolidge star in two seasons, which means The White Lotus EP Mike White can continue to keep and move certain characters around throughout the show’s run.

But when we asked Aubrey and Will over Zoom who Harper and Ethan would hang out with from Season 1, we didn’t get the answers we were expecting.

“Harper would be, like, work friends with Connie Britton’s character,” explained Aubrey. “I feel like they work in the same building or something. And they, like, see each other in the lobby and get coffee together. … They’re like acquaintances.”

“What a boring answer. Will, have a better answer than me,” she joked.

“You know the teenage son who rebels against his family? I can see him interning at Ethan’s tech company,” Will said.

“Interning?” scoffed Aubrey before they both laughed. “Ethan and Harper are so obsessed with work! Why are we so obsessed with work?!” she continued.

If you’re interested in more of Aubrey and Will (and who isn’t?), like how they auditioned for their The White Lotus roles, head here!

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