TJ Holmes Amy Robach Backstage Clip GMA


The two anchors were spotted in several locations together — New York City holding hands, on vacation in upstate New York, and at a bar in the city. After these photos were released, TJ and Amy — who were in separate marriages — promptly deactivated their Instagrams.

Now, more content has resurfaced — like this clip of them backstage at GMA. It has more than 6.8 million views and shows them interacting.


In the clip, they talked about training for the New York City Marathon together. “If you are the pacer, does that make me the pacee?” TJ asked Amy.

Amy laughed and then said, “We’re gonna both be finishers.” Which, like, clearly has sexual innuendo.

People had a field day with this clip, given what we now know about what allegedly went down between them:

Twitter: @PstopPlayin / Via @abcgma3

What do y’all make of this clip? Let me know in the comments below!

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