TJ Holmes Goes RING SHOPPING For Amy Robach – But Their Divorces Aren’t Even Finalized Yet!


Wait — T.J. Holmes is already ring shopping for Amy Robach!?

Did you see this one coming? Apparently spotted T.J. on Saturday perusing gemstones at David Yurman and Tiffany & Co. ahead of Amy’s 50 birthday celebration (which is today, Monday, by the way!). Yeah, he was totally looking at rings and even bought one despite being out of work on Good Morning America — so is there a wedding in the works?

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Well, the band the former GMA3 host decided on wasn’t exactly an engagement ring, but the next step down from one. He purchased a $650 18-karat gold Unity Cable ring in downtown Manhattan, a promise ring from the bridal/wedding collection. He then went over to Tiffany and purchased a gold chain to match. The 45-year-old then put the ring on the chain to see how it’d look and had a big smile on his face, definitely satisfied with his purchase for his lady!

The necklace is only a placeholder as the couple haven’t even finalized their divorces from their spouses yet. It’s a real possibility we could be seeing an actual engagement ring from T.J. and Amy in the future, though! Especially if he’s already getting her a promise ring. What’s he promising? To not get caught in a cheating scandal at his job and get fired? They’ve both been there, done that!

The explosive affair of the two hosts quickly became a whirlwind in the media, and both of them split from their partners, but despite everything they’re still going strong. A friend of the couple told the outlet:

“T.J. and Amy are more in love than ever.”

This love isn’t coming up all sunshine and roses, however. Apparently they’re under a lot of stress now that they’re unemployed and pending their legal separations. Another friend of the pair told the outlet:

“It’s kind of proof of how committed they are to each other that they’ve weathered this sh**storm after their secret love affair was exposed, they were suspended from GMA3 and then waited for agonizing weeks as ABC kept them in limbo about their future. But don’t forget that T.J. and Amy were friends long before they were lovers. Their relationship began with an awfully strong bond that – to this point – has only become, well, more.”

From an industry-standpoint, an insider says we can’t be sure what’ll happen in the future for their careers — and that could be a huge strain on their relationship:

“What the future holds for T.J. and Amy professionally is hard to say right now. Their on-air chemistry would probably be magnified and audiences would gravitate to them. But there still a lot of baggage there — especially for him.”

Still a lot of baggage, but especially for him? Looks like the only baggage he’s worried about right now are those robin’s egg blue Tiffany bags!

Regardless of what anyone’s opinion is, it looks like T.J. and Amy are here to stay right now! Reactions, Perezcious readers?

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